GAAM Shaker 800 ml Grey

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The grey GAAM Shaker 800 ml is the big brother in our family of shakers. This size is perfect for long sessions and hot days! It features a modern and sleek design suitable for everyone, regardless of its intended use!
Article nr: PB-7562-1
Product description

The GAAM Shaker is developed in collaboration with Smartshake™ and equipped with a screw cap with sturdy threading to prevent spillage when shaking your supplements.

  • 800 ml total capacity
  • Sleek modern design
  • Maximum durability & quality
  • Leak-proof
  • Smartshake™
  • Filter to prevent clumps

High Quality and Modern Design

The GAAM Shaker combines a trendy and modern design with robust quality. It also features a smart filter to prevent clumps and ensure optimal mixing of your supplements. All shakers in this series have a transparent design for precision mixing!

Size: 800 ml.

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