GAAM Power Band 45 mm

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The GAAM Power Band is a practical rubber band, perfect for versatile and enjoyable workouts anywhere!
Article nr: PB-85237
Product description

The Power Band is a tool that offers varied and flexible training for both beginners and professionals. Training with bands is an effective form of exercise suitable for all types of activities such as warm-up, rehabilitation, strength training, and stretching. Thanks to their convenient format, they are easy to carry and give you the opportunity to train anywhere.

  • Effective training
  • Train wherever you want
  • Rehabilitation & stretching
  • Progressive resistance

Simple, Fun, and Effective! The rubber bands have what is known as progressive resistance, meaning that the resistance increases as they are stretched. Power Bands can be used for rubber band exercises as well as assistance and increased resistance in training with free weights or machines.

Size: 45 mm.

Material: PVC.

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