GAAM Greens 60 Caps

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Give Your Body the Nutrition It Deserves with GAAM Greens.
Article nr: PB-340620
Product description

GAAM Greens combines carefully selected ingredients, including barley grass, chlorella, aloe vera, ginger, kale, and alfalfa, to create a powerful and nutrient-rich boost for your daily well-being.

  • Natural vitamins & antioxidants
  • No unpleasant taste
  • One a day

Experience the power of nature with GAAM Greens!

The capsules are designed to ensure that your body absorbs and utilizes the nutrients present in each ingredient in the best possible way. With GAAM Greens, you'll avoid the taste and smell of traditional green drinks. Perfect for those who want to avoid the characteristic taste of green superfoods.

Give your body the nutrition it needs with GAAM Greens Capsule Blend. Experience the difference and feel the energy flow through your entire body! Order your bottle today and invest in your best self.

Dosage Recommendation
1 capsule daily with plenty of water

Product Details
Nutritional Information
Nutrientper capsule
Chlorella150 mg
Vegetable blend150 mg
Barley grass100 mg
Aloe Vera 200:150 mg
Asparagus50 mg
Ginger root50 mg
Kale50 mg
Alfalfa10 mg
Green tea10 mg
Nettle10 mg

Ingredients: Organic chlorella powder, vegetable blend lime, organic barley grass, kale powder, aloe vera 200:1, asparagus powder, ginger extract, stabilizing agent, alfalfa powder, green tea, nettle leaf extract, anti-caking agent, emulsifier (E551), capsule: gelatin (bovine).
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