GAAM Enzym Complex 90 caps

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GAAM Enzyme Complex is a dietary supplement designed to support digestion and optimize gut health.
Article nr: PB-803
Product description

GAAM Enzyme Complex is a dietary supplement containing a spectrum of digestive enzymes! Enzymes are proteins necessary for the breakdown of food and are naturally found in certain foods such as fruits and vegetables. However, these enzymes are sensitive and are destroyed during cooking.

  • Complex with digestive enzymes
  • Facilitates digestion
  • Optimizes nutrient absorption
  • Vegan capsule

Optimize Your Nutrient Absorption with Enzyme Complex!

Enzymes play a vital role in the body's ability to break down and absorb nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals. GAAM Enzyme Complex contains a variety of enzymes that work together to maximize digestive and intestinal health as well as nutrient absorption. Whether you are on a strict diet or have a poor dietary intake, or trying to gain mass, optimal nutrient absorption is critical. It doesn't matter how much you eat if your body cannot utilize it.

Good Digestive Health

There are significant connections between digestive health and overall well-being. Much of the immune system's ability resides in the gut and its bacterial flora. An enzyme supplement can also help those suffering from bloating and a swollen abdomen.

The body's ability to absorb and produce enzymes decreases with age, and production also decreases with diet or detox. Therefore, supplementing your diet with a supplement like Enzyme Complex may be beneficial.


3 capsules daily with meals.

Product Details
Nutritional Information
ContentPer 3 capsules

Enzyme Complex

150 mg

-Including Amylase (SLL/STP-A-029)

72000 U

-Including Protease (SLL/STP-P-021)

18000 U

-Including Lactase (SLL/STP-L-014)

12000 U

-Including Lipase (SLL/STP-L-016)

3000 U

-Including Cellulase (SLL/STP-C-021)

600 U

Ingredients: Enzyme complex: alpha-amylase, natural protease, lactase, lipase, cellulase, vegetable capsule: hydroxypropylmethyl-cellulose.

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