GAAM Carbs - 100% Maltodextrin 1 kg

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GAAM Carbs offers pure carbohydrates from starch! Perfect for those who want to mix their own gainer or take before training to get excellent energy from the body's main energy source, carbohydrates!
Article nr: PB-72909
Product description
  • Rapid recovery
  • Quick energy
  • Efficient absorption
  • Pure carbohydrates
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • No added flavor
  • Perfect for mixing into protein drinks

Increased Energy and Recovery

GAAM Carbs offer pure carbohydrates for all sports requiring easily digestible and quickly absorbed energy supplements. Maltodextrin that can be mixed in high concentrations without stomach discomfort. GAAM Carbs give you the opportunity to increase your calorie intake in a controlled manner so you can gain lean mass or perform at your best during your training session.

Dosage suggestion:
Mix approximately 1.5 scoops (50 g) of powder with 200 ml of water or preferred beverage.


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